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Students write their findings, the information and the data they collected on pieces of paper and post-it notes, and visually group them. This is a professional method used to analyze collected information and data, and to identify relationships between findings.

Recommended frequency: at least two times

1. Preparation

Make sure that everyone collected the data or information they set out to find.

Arrange the equipment: Prepare pens, paper, post-it notes, tape, scissors and glue.

Plan the space: Arrange for walls or large papers for students to group and stick their paper notes on.
2. Introduction

Have a pedagogically meaningful conversation with the students about the data they collected: What did they collect, and how is the information meaningful for their project?

For easy access, ask the students to move all of their information and data into one location, or to identify all sources.

3. Activity

View and discuss the data with the students.

Students write all information and data in the form of headlines or short sentences or figures on post-it notes or small pieces of paper, and group their notes.

Remind the students to visually present relationships between the notes when grouping the data, for example, by drawing lines between information, placing notes hierarchically, or other spatial arrangements.

Students write titles for the created groups, and document emerging project ideas.
4. Assessment

View and discuss the spatial arrangements with the students.

Comment on improvements.

Learning in Teams: Ask the students to grade their teammates’ contributions. You may use the student grades as help for forming your own assessment.

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2 Responses to Information grouping

  1. Adil Tugyan says:

    I can use this method for my English classes in a creative way,Before I study my school curriculum subject I can just give them the title of the subject and ask them to collect information about the usages of the subject as groups but individually in their group .Once they have finished collecting information ,I ask them to bring what they have found together in their groups after that share them with other groups and they all give feedbacks on each others findings.This will be great for moment for any teacher to start with his or her course because students have already known the main frames of the subject that will be studied.

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  2. Anna Keune says:

    Thank you for your comment, Adil. I like your idea of the students sharing their collected information with others, before starting the grouping! Let us know how it went, if and when you try this activity!

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