Participatory Design

Hungarian teachers during a participatory design session

The Participatory Design sessions are implemented as semi-formal workshops with teachers and students in several countries across Europe. The Participatory Design workshop build on the scenarios developed in WP2.

A little background: In Participatory Design (PD) the people who are considered the future users of the iTEC tools are recognized as the primary source of innovation. In iTEC, teachers and learners (pupils and students) are considered to be the primary beneficiaries of the project.

Hence, the iTEC design ideas are expected to arise as result of collaboration with teachers and students. This means that designers, researchers and developers are required to spend time with the people in question during their daily life and work situations, rather than focusing on developing and testing prototypes in a laboratory environment (Leinonen 2010).

EUROPEAN TEACHERS are welcome to participating in a PD workshop. Please  email Marie from EUN at itec-contact(at) directly or fill out the contact form at the official iTEC website.

GUIDELINES FOR FACILITATING a PD workshop at your location are published on this blog.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR REPORTING participatory design workshops present how to best summarize your PD workshops to effect the design of iTEC prototypes. The summaries and reports of previous Participatory Design WORKSHOP SUMMARIES can be viewed as examples.


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