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Mind mapping the soil

To use mind-maps and related approaches as a powerful tool for learning, in particular to promote deep understanding while at the same time encouraging a cross-curricular approach. Continue reading

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GPS Enabled Learning Games

To use GPS devices in geo-located treasure-hunts and to develop location-based/alternate reality games Continue reading

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Digital Producers

Using digital media to create “broadcasts” of curricular work: presentations, classroom discussions and other school activities are captured and recorded through various means, they are then edited and uploaded to the web or to the VLE. Continue reading

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Create a model

Using models and visualisations to support an argument or to solve a problem. Continue reading

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Audio/video feedback

Using video or audio-recording equipment to record feedback given to a piece of student work. The recordings are uploaded to the VLE. Students are given extra-credits if they access the recordings and if they can demonstrate that they acted on the recommendations. The recordings give clues and direct students to additional resources (books, web-based, etc.). Advantages: quicker and more efficient (and more personalised) way of providing feedback; increased chance of students acting on feedback.
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Cycle 3 Scenarios are online

Take a look at the cycle 3 scenarios that were published to the iTEC WP3 wiki today. All iTEC partners are encouraged to perform participatory design sessions with 2-3 scenarios of their choice. We will send the participating iTEC partners … Continue reading

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Mini-scenarios and design ideas.

Although the fleshed out scenarios were not available yet, in last week’s group meeting, we wanted to get a feeling for how many of the 10 highest ranking cycle 2 mini-scenarios related to our initial prototype ideas.

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Cycle 2 – Familiarizing with the mini scenarios

Last Thursday, the cycle 2 mini scenarios arrived. Based on a vote of the iTEC partners, 8 scenarios will be taken further to be fleshed out during a scenario development workshop organized by Future Lab later this month. LeGroup met … Continue reading

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Cycle 2 Scenario building workshop in Paris

During the 2-day cycle two scenario building workshop that was held at the Promethean office in Paris, 20 mini scenarios were developed. The scenarios were based on the results of the iTEC survey, the iTEC teacher survey and the Power … Continue reading

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Scenario work results from Århus

Small groups in Århus discussed various scenarios. Here are summaries of their findings. They looked at practical implementation issues, learning outcomes, technical requirements, etc.

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