Cycle 2 Scenario building workshop in Paris

Building scenarios using the Promethean interactive white board

During the 2-day cycle two scenario building workshop that was held at the Promethean office in Paris, 20 mini scenarios were developed.

The scenarios were based on the results of the iTEC survey, the iTEC teacher survey and the Power League survey, designed by the Future Lab. The trends focussed on teacher reality and were of political/economic nature.

21 iTEC partners participated in the workshop. During the first workshop day, the participants familiarized with the trends and discussed them before splitting into 4 groups to develop one scenario each. The scenarios of day one focused on:

Word cloud of all words included in the built scenarios

  • Media literacy: developing common understanding from multiple sources
  • Community apprenticeship in collaboration with global experts
  • Multi-literacy through Math, science and Technology (MST)
  • Bullying

During the second workshop day 16 scenarios were developed, focusing on:

  • Inclusion and integration through music
  • Teacher development and capacity sharing through international collaboration in a virtual classroom
  • Critical interaction with media news stories by unpacking the significance of international newspaper articles
  • Formative assessment for meaningful teaching and learning
  • Collaborative low-carbon schools
  • Science museum by learners
  • Developing entrepreneurial skills
  • Global achievement goals
  • Parents and students as teacher apprentices
  • Professional development in a global classroom
  • Integration and inclusion through music and art mesh-ups
  • Global finances: students centered value for money in teaching and learning
  • Digital literacy mentoring
  • Real life Math Science Technology (MST)
  • (2 scenario titles are missing from this list)

The scenarios are overall distinct in their content. However, themes such as  project learning, collaboration, team work and contacting other people, such as experts based on events are reoccurring.

In the next step, Future Lab will publish the scenarios in an online template so the scenarios can be ranked by the iTEC partners. The 8-10 highest ranked scenarios will be fleshed out during another scenario building workshop hosted by Future Lab.

Due to the breadth of partners in the workshop and the flexibility within the clear structured workshop, the workshop was overall perceived well by all participants.


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