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  www.noteapp.com Corkboard.me (now called NoteApp) is a simple online bullitinboard – you don’t even need to sign in. Each board has a unique URL.  You can share the URL with others so they can add new post it notes … Continue reading

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www.prezi.com Prezi is an online presentation tool. In Prezi you can organize your ideas (text, shapes, pictures and videos) on a large canvas and clarify the connections. During a presentation you can show the big picture or zoom in on … Continue reading

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Google Sites

www.sites.google.com Google Sites is a web-based tool to create websites. In order to create a site you need a Google-account but it is possible to let other people view and edit without Google-accounts. It favors easy-to-use and collaboration over fancy layout. Since it … Continue reading

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TeamUp is a web-based tool to assist teachers in forming teams based on skills and interests, and to allow teams to record their progress into short, 1 minute audio reflections. This makes is time-efficient for the teacher to review each … Continue reading

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Forming teams

Divide the students in your class into teams of 4-5 students. Each team works on a separate topic of inquiry that is related to the theme of the course. The students suggest topics they are interested in and are grouped accordingly, taking also into account their differences to create functional heterogeneous teams.
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