Google Sites

Supports these learning activities: Design brief, Final Product Design, Reflection

Google Sites is a web-based tool to create websites. In order to create a site you need a Google-account but it is possible to let other people view and edit without Google-accounts. It favors easy-to-use and collaboration over fancy layout. Since it is a Google product interaction with other Google products like Google Docs, Google Maps and YouTube is rather seamless – you just have to choose “Insert” and pick the service you want integrated.

Google Sites can be used for multible purposes – e.g. as a classroom site where products are gathered and made available for peer review or as a project site where a group can organize their reflections. It can be anything from a private workspace to a global showcase.

A short presentation:

More information: Google Sites Help (demonstrates the basics and has a “Beginner’s guide” in the left menue).

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