Edukata, The Innovative Learning Activity Design Toolkit

The culmination of three years of work by the design team in Aalto is here: Edukata, the innovative learning activity design toolkit.

Edukata1.0 coverThere is an abundance of inspiring scenarios about innovative schools and groundbreaking educational practices. However, practices that work well for one school do not necessarily yield the same positive impact in another. Unique organizational school structures, varying experience of educators and students represent different sets of complex challenges. Often, this complexity is not reflected in the scenarios, making the active implementation of change is difficult to introduce and sustain.

Edukata is a collaborative design process for educators to fill the gap between visionary scenarios and classroom practice. The Edukata design process is a source of inspiration for educators to strengthen their abilities and confidence as designers of future classroom learning activities and to expand and improve educational design skills.

Edukata starts with the selection of an inspiring scenario and guides educators to create future class- room learning activities that reflect the key aspects of the scenario, the personal interests and needs of students, and the classroom context. These learning activities will address design challenges and will build on design opportunities as well as supporting resources that educators identify during the Edukata design process. The learning activities will be documented as subject non-specific modules that any educator could perform.

The Edukata process is based on an empirically tested design methodology. During the years 2011- 2013, learning activities designed with the Edukata process were piloted in over 17 European countries and in over 2000 classrooms. These activities were found to positively impact teaching, learning and attainment and to foster 21st century skills.

Edukata is a starting point. It provides a glimpse at, not a blueprint of the successful design of quality learning activities. It requires commitment, experience and stepping beyond your comfort zone. We recommend to facilitate the Edukata design process repeatedly to receive in depth understanding of the process. The resource corner includes useful tools and online resources to support the Edukata design process. You may also seek professional training and certification from the Future Classroom at the European Schoolnet.

Download the Edukata guide book.

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2 Responses to Edukata, The Innovative Learning Activity Design Toolkit

  1. Adil Tugyan says:

    This book represents the best possible way of 21 st century learning skilks and standarts and it empowers students learning capabilities getting rid them of traditional teacher centered learning modalities. The philosophy lying behind the methods presented in the book can be named as ” Genius”. That is an inovation in education in real sense.
    Thank you 🙂

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  2. Andrea Botero says:

    Hei LeGroup! very nice to see the packaged version :). Great work

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