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Working with outside experts

Students receive additional and/or deeper knowledge from an out-of-school expert of a relevant field. In addition to a video interview, the expert may be involved in following teamwork and commenting on it. Continue reading

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You divide the class into small teams of 4-5 learners that are optimal for collaboration. Each team has their own topic of inquiry that is related to the theme of the course. You let the learners suggest topics they are interested in and use the TeamUP tool to match learners and topics, using information stored in mental notes. Continue reading

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Team newsflashes

Independently working individual learners or teams of learners post periodic status updates for other learners and you to be able to follow the independent activities and progress. Continue reading

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Learners view each other’s work and provide feedback, praise, and criticism. Peer feedback can be used when students present their project outcomes, but it can also be used as part of a knowledge building activity, when students are discussing about a challenging topic. Continue reading

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Mental notes about learners

You record mental notes about learners. These notes are based on your observations of their working habits, personality traits, social connections, hobbies, and special skills. The mental notes aid in forming functional teams and also support your interactions with your students. You use the TeamUP tool to record your notes. Continue reading

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Collecting data outside of school

Students go outside of school to collect data. The data can either be in the form of multimedia or scientific observations. Either the entire class goes outside, or only some of the students. Continue reading

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Cycle 1 – Pilot learning stories and activities submitted

As the first iTEC cycle is the very beginning of the project, there is only one piece of technology for the teachers to pilot in their classrooms. However, they are also asked to include 5 of 6 learning activities into … Continue reading

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Outdoor study project

The students go out to explore the school grounds tasked with a problem or challenge. They have to either capture authentic data, or explore how concepts can be applied in the real world. Continue reading

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Scenario videos are online

We visualized two of the scenarios, ‘Outdoor Study Project‘ and ‘Recognizing Informal Learning‘ in the form of short videos. The videos can be viewed at the ‘iTEC – get inspired‘ webpage and can be commented on at the European Schoolnet … Continue reading

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Participatory Design workshops are commencing

We have finalized instructions and materials needed for Participatory Design (PD) workshops and we’ve sent e-mail to National Pedagogical Coordinators allowing them to organize the workshops in their countries. The 9 scenarios are divided among the various workshops. The PD … Continue reading

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