Mental notes about learners

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You record mental notes about learners. These notes are based on your observations of their working habits, personality traits, social connections, hobbies, and special skills. The mental notes aid in forming functional teams and also support your interactions with your students. You use the TeamUP tool to record your notes.

1. Preparation

If you know your students before the course starts, you can add your initial notes about them in advance.

Consider if you prefer the learners in your class to be able to see the notes or not.

2. Introduction

Take portraits of the students into the TeamUP tool. See TeamUp tool manual, part 1 ‘Add and edit learners’ for more information.

3. Activity

Record mental notes after class, and revise them once a week: Go through each student in edit mode and add or remove icons on an intuitive basis.

4. Assessment

You may use your mental notes as a guide in assessing student performance and improvement.

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