Cycle 1 – Pilot learning stories and activities submitted

As the first iTEC cycle is the very beginning of the project, there is only one piece of technology for the teachers to pilot in their classrooms. However, they are also asked to include 5 of 6 learning activities into their pilot lesson plan.

To support the teachers in their planning process, we mapped the learning activities to two example learning stories, from which piloting teachers could chose 1 for orientation:

A) Outdoor Study Project
B) Working with Outside Expert

Each learning story is structured based on preparation, introduction, activity and assessment. The learning activities that are included in the story are described based on the same structure as well. It goes without saying that the teachers are encouraged to create their lesson plans based on their subject area and to combine the learning activities in the way most suitable for them. The illustration above visualizes the Outdoor Study Project learning story according to the learning activity structure.


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