Cycle 2 – Pre-pilot learning activities submitted

Layout of a learning activity as presented to a pre-pilot teacher.

Based on the cycle 2 scenarios and participatory design workshops with teachers, we designed learning activities for the iTEC cycle 2 pre-pilots. The main finding of the analysis process was that all scenarios follow project-based learning. Hence, all participating teachers follow the same basic structure for their pre-pilots. Each pre-pilot is composed of the following learning activities:


  1. Collaborating classrooms
  2. Working in teams
  3. Data collection and analysis (teachers select at least 2 of 6)
    Learning oriented browsing
    Social media role play for data collection
    Collecting data outside of school
    Peer feedback
    Working with outside expert
  4. Design results (teachers select at least 1 of 2)
    Creating a demo with Scratch
    Creating a product or a plan etc.
  5. Prepare results to communicate them
  6. Share your work

For this pre-pilot, teachers also need to create a lesson plan together with another teacher that benefits both of their classes. To make this easier for the teachers, we provided them with themes to consider when planning their pre-pilot activities. The themes are inspired by the cycle 2 scenarios, and include Environment, Business plan, Building on misconceptions, Students create science learning resources, Multi-cultural and multi-lingual learning of maths, Personal exam preparation, Researching online social behaviour, Students and teachers learn together and Learning centered browsing.

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