Cycle 2 – Teacher and Student Focus Group Sessions

Focus Group sessions will be held in England, Italy and Austria.

A total of 6 Focus Group* sessions, in all together 3 countries are scheduled for November, 2011. The countries are England, Italy and Austria. In each country, 2 Focus Group sessions will be facilitated, one with teachers and one with students. Thanks to the iTEC partners and school principles for their support.

Currently, we are preparing the prototypes that will be discussed with the participants during the Focus Group sessions. We will publish the content of the Focus Group Sessions soon. In the meantime, please take a look at the schedule and the collaborating schools and partners:

  • Kent, England | 22.11.2011
    Gill Leahy, Promethean
    Homesdale Technology College
  • Anzio, Italy | 25.11.2011
    Andrea Benassi
    Liceo Classico Chris Cappell
  • Salzburg, Austria | 28.11.2022
    Reinhold Hawle, BMUKK
    Ausbildungszentrum St. Josef

* What is a Focus Group?

Focus Group sessions, facilitated by 1-2 designers, ask 4 to 5 participants to comment on initial design ideas that emerged from the analysis of the preceding Participatory Design sessions. Focus Group Sessions are informal 1-1.5 hour long sessions facilitated by a designer, in which early design ideas and prototypes are discussed with 4-5 teachers and students (separately). Early prototypes and ideas are presented to the participants. Participants are asked to speak their minds freely and ask any open questions. For documentation purposes, usually a few photographs are taken during a focus group session and the sessions are audio recorded. There are no preconditions requested for participants. The professional opinions and insights of the teachers and students are of importance.The rooms in which the Focus Group sessions are facilitated were requested to contain a projector and Internet connection.



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