Supports these learning activities: Product Design, Final Product Design

Prezi is an online presentation tool. In Prezi you can organize your ideas (text, shapes, pictures and videos) on a large canvas and clarify the connections. During a presentation you can show the big picture or zoom in on the finer details (a presentation can be embedded in eg. a blog).

Online collaboration with remote team members is possible since you can invite others to edit a prezi with you. is also a community where people can comment on published presentations or find prezies for reuse and adaption.

To use Prezi you need an account. You can sign up with Facebook and students and teachers can get a free ‘Edu Enjoy‘ account (takes time!). One of the benefits with a student/teacher account is that you can keep your Prezis private or only sharted with selected individuals.

A short introduction:

More information: Learn Prezi (three official videos demonstrating the basics). Prezi manual (official written guide). Interesting ways to use Prezi in the classroom (crowdsourcing classroom ideas)

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