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Good quality peer feedback is a merit to the student providing the feedback, as well as those receiving it. Students view each others’ work and provide feedback, praise, and criticism. Peer feedback can be used for project outcomes, or as an iterative activity during the pilot.

Recommended frequency: at least two time

1. Preparation

Decide the activities and channels that could be used for peer feedback.

Collect or generate examples of constructive and non-constructive peer feedback.
2. Introduction

Explain the meaning of peer feedback, including the need for critical but constructive comments. Present your collected examples of constructive and non-constructive peer feedback.

Ask all students to view the projects of others, and to note what they find interesting, excellent, poor, or otherwise noteworthy during the pilot.

You may ask students to save screenshots of their comments or links to the pages they commented on.

3. Activity

Ask the students to view presentations or projects of other students and comment on them. The students prepare constructive feedback, and present it to the recipients or the entire class using a suitable method.

Ask students to also acknowledge comments others left on their project outcome and documentation, and to draw ideas for further development from them.

Avoid misunderstandings by moderating the activity.
4. Assessment

Peer feedback can be used in assessing the performance of those who provided and those who received the feedback, for example by discussing the students’ motivation to take the feedback of others into consideration, or their ability to formulate constructive feedback.

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2 Responses to Peer feedback

  1. Adil Tugyan says:

    I use this method in my classes with writing activities and I call it ‘peer response’
    It is a good way of arising awareness of classroom collaboration and learning from each other.

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  2. Anna Keune says:

    Wonderful to hear. Keep up the good work!

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