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Your students record, post and share periodic short updates about their work progress, perceived challenges, and future plans so you and other students can follow their progress. Recording short audio or video updates of their learning experience allows students to practice presentation and speaking skills, reflection, and planning. The recordings help them to quickly resume working in upcoming sessions. You can follow all student activities by investing a small amount of time after each reflection activity.

Recommended frequency: after each day of activity

1. Preparation

Decide to what extent the updates will affect your overall assessment of the students.

Decide how many updates you require students to share with you and the rest of the class, and when you would like them to be created.

2. Introduction

Instruct students to record updates in the form of a newsflash, using the tone of a television or radio news reporter.

Let them know that each recording can only be 1 minute long.

Let them know that the in TeamUp updates are shared with the whole class. When using other tools, make sure your students understand how to share updates with classmates and the teacher.

The updates may also be shared with collaboration partners in other schools.
3. Activity

Remind the students to post updates of their most recent activities, and to follow others regularly. Make sure that this is happening.

Start each lesson by asking the students to listen to their previous updates.

Follow the students’ progress by checking their audio updates. Intervene to support them when necessary.

At the end of the project, students record an update summarizing all activities, explaining future steps, and mentioning problems that they overcame.
4. Assessment

Use the daily updates to gauge the levels of participation and depth of inquiry.

The students’ reflection recordings may be used as part of the assessment. For example by comparing your notes with the recordings, to see how deeply the teams engaged with a topic.

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