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Students document their overall learning outcome, summarise the comments and explain possible future steps, in an audiovisual or other multimedia piece. Students share their work with others to transfer their learning, to communicate the background of their project, to let others know about the possibility to remix their work, and to receive feedback for improvement. This includes work in progress and final outcome.

Recommended frequency: at least two times

1. Preparation

Prepare a presentation of the benefits and drawbacks of different media.

2. Introduction

Ask the students to create a presentation that documents their learning process and results using a diverse range of media.

Speak with the students about the production process, planned steps, and requirements.

Students choose a purpose, an audience, and a medium for their presentation.

Provide sharing platform options, or ask students to help you choose one.

Present the benefits and drawbacks of different media to students, and discuss speech and performance techniques, as well as ways of convincing an audience.

3. Activity

Students create storyboards to visualise the narrative of the media presentation, and decide which collected files, such as photos, video clips, voice recordings of interviews, geotags, or animations to use to represent their conclusions in a meaningful way.

Students create and design the presentations, and edit their data to fit the storyboard narrative.

Students collect missing multimedia elements and information.

Guide students in planning and rehearsing their presentations.


  • Students with geo-tagged information can create a map visualization.
  • Use resources for exam preparation, publish best resources and share them with others. 

4. Assessment

Review all presentations. Compare everyone’s progress updates with their presentations to see if all important steps are included in the presentation (see activity ‘Reflection’).

Student work can be used for open feedback and reflection sessions.

The assessment may be co-developed with students.

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