Dear Teachers and Students, welcome to the iTEC Participation space. We are passionate about building tools that support advanced learning activities in the classroom. For this we would like to build on your expertise as teachers and students engaging in classroom learning. What works, what doesn’t? Why? How would it work even better?
Take a look at what iTEC creates and how you can jump right into participation.

Scenarios are short narrative descriptions of preferable learning contexts in a model learning environment.

Explore already developed scenarios and comment on them on the Scenario page.

Explore scenarios currently in development and comment on them in the work in progress page.

Create a video comment about a scenario, and send the link to Sue from Future Lab. We will upload your video to Vimeo.

Discuss the Scenarios with fellow teachers and students in a Participatory Design Workshop. More information is on the Participatory Design page.

Prototypes are functionally and non-functionally implemented ideas of meaningful technology for the future classroom.

Explore the prototypes and comment on them on the Prototype page.


Participate in an informal discussions (Focus Group) about the prototypes. Fill out this form. Anna or Tarmo will contact you swiftly.

Learning activities are descriptions of how parts of scenarios can be performed in the classroom. Learning Stories are examples of how a package of learning activities may work together.

Explore the Learning Activities and Stories and comment on them on the Learning Activities and Stories page.

Teachers with good English skills perform pre-pilots to test learning activities and early prototypes hands-on. Ensure your participation in an iTEC pre-pilot by contacting your NPC! More information on the Pre-pilot page.

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