Pre-pilots are small scale classroom experiments for testing learning stories and learning activities. All there is to know about the most recent pre-pilot activities is described and links to from this page.


Illustration of pre.pilot 3 Learning Activities

Currently iTEC cycle 3 pre-pilots are going on. This cycle’s pre-pilots are truly special as they will be all about learning through design (and in design).

Pre-piloting teachers can choose one of two Learning Activity Packages. Both packages include 6 Learning Activities that guide teachers through a design learning process. Both packages are illustrated by two Learning Stories, to show how the activities can be performed in the classroom. The packages and stories are:

Learning Activity Package 1: Observe and Design


Learning Activity Package 2: Benchmark and Design

You need to provide your students with an initial design brief, which the students then flesh out and improve during each phase of the design process. Download: Design Brief Template (*.doc)

While the activities should be performed as closely as possible, the Learning Stories are only examples and you can tweak them as you like to make the activities work for you, your students, the curriculum etc.

When your students have their blogs set up, fill out this form so the blogs can be added to an overall view of all pre-piloting design blogs. Navigate the tabs on this page to see the RSS feeds of all student blogs.

Reporting: What we really want to find out with this pre-pilot is what are the challenges of teachers to “teach” design and what are the challenges of students in the design process. Also we want to find out what works for you and the students and how we can support you in the future! What digital tools would address the challenges in the process? For this, we are dependent on your feedback! Rate the activities and add comments to them:


  • What worked for you and/or the students and how?
  • What did not work for you and/or the students and why?
  • Did you observe additional learning outcomes? Which ones?

You can add comments to each activity after performing it with your class. This would give us the possibility to react to challenges that you might encounter during the pre-pilot! 🙂

You should complete your pre-pilot by the end of this spring semester. Send comments to the learning activities before the 20th of June, so they can be included when considering next autumn’s full pilots.

Any questions or improvement suggestions to Learning Activities and/or Learning Stories? Tell your national coordinator or ask us by adding a comment to this blog post! THANKS!

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