Practically speaking, prototypes are ways through which teachers can be supported to perform advanced pedagogical scenarios in their classroom. The notion ‘prototype’ encloses functional and non-functional software tools as well as descriptions of how to perform learning activities. They present promising ways to address identified design challenges by adequately building on identified design opportunities.

Here, the software tool prototypes are presented. For more detailed information about each prototypes, including news about the development can be found on their particular pages.

TeamUp is a tool for teachers to form teams based on the interests of students, and a tool for students to record their personal team work progress. See public demo.


ReFlex is a tool for students to build and reflect on their personal learning case by recording short audio clips about their learning.


Ambire is a large screen ambient display for classroom reflection. Each students’ screen is projected to a large screen and rotates slowly in Ambire.

Tiny is a micro sharing tool for classroom projects. Students share updates about their school work with others to support ad-hoc and shorter-term international collaboration.

Plates is a tool for viewing, sharing and publishing digital media within a group, a classroom, a school or to the entire online world.

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