From scenarios to design challenges

We now have results from 9 participatory design workshops organized in 8 countries across Europe. These workshops took each 2-3 of the proposed scenarios and let teachers to work on these scenarios and propose their improvements and analysis on their feasibility.

Participatory Design results

From teachers input the next step was to extract suitable design challenges that can be answered during the iTEC project. We had a few long design sessions with our group to analyze the results and we came up with few design challenges that affected many of the scenarios.

  1. All except one of the scenarios assume class to be split into smaller groups or teams. Teachers raised several times the problems of managing several separate groups doing different things. The initial composition of the group was seen as essential for success of the groupwork.  — Possible solution: a tool to help building good teams efficiently.
  2. Multimedia projects require many special skills and devices, and can be difficult to manage. Getting an overview of how groups are proceeding is difficult when the work is done in specialized environments using special software.  — Possible partial solution: a tool for visualizing class files.
  3. Media projects follow a general pattern of media production, but using media production as a learning method easily leads to learners’ focus being more in learning about media production than what the production is about. — Possible solution: a tool to scaffold media production project and make the production part easier.

Three drafts for design solutions: media platform, media project timeline and TeamUp.

First of the design challenges, TeamUp, a tool to help teachers to form groups is under development, and we hope we can show a demo soon.

TeamUp UI proposal

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