Analyzing the reflections of teachers

Analyzing the teacher reflections of cycle 1 pre-pilots Photo: Aapo Rista

Teachers participated in the cycle 1 pre-pilot study of the iTEC project. On Monday and Tuesday, we analyzed the teacher’s reflections in detail. The analysis is still ongoing, but we can already say that we received 17 reflections from teachers of 7 different European countries so far. The learning stories that teachers chose to work with were Outdoor study project, Collaborative Media Project, Reacting to Student Feedback and Recognizing Informal Learning. Interesting was also that almost all learning activities were pre-piloted. Currently, we are still receiving reflection forms!

The choices of the teachers, their reasons for choosing and the way they performed these activities were very valuable feedback for us. Important insights were gained through the qualitative analysis that their rich feedback offered. For example, we recognized that the activities offered room for interpretation, as several teachers had invented their own ways of performing an activity based on their particular situations. Some of these ideas will be used to exemplify activities for the 1st cycle full-pilot study, starting in September. Based on the reflections we will now identify learning activities that are suitable for pilot tests and design them towards straightforward understanding.


Analyzing the teacher reflections of cycle 1 pre-pilots Photo: Aapo Rista

We sincerely appreciate the commitment and responsibility of many of the participating teacher in reporting their experiences. The feedback of teachers is relevant for the design of future classrooms that addresses the challenges of the current school day. We warmly welcome and encourage all teachers to reflect on their efforts in even more detail next time!

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