Focus Group Preparation

We will use prints of the prototypes, post-it notes, pens and scissors to supplement the discussions.

Excitedly, we are looking forward to the upcoming Focus Group sessions with teachers and students in the U.K., Italy and Austria. Today, the content schedule has been created. With the participants, I will discuss 4 to 5 prototypes. The amount will depend on the flow of the conversation and the time available for discussion!

The prototypes are:


ReFlex – A tool for learners to record audio updates on their personal learning progression.
Sessions – An online place, where teachers and learners can share and find learning sessions that are happening close by.
Learning story editor – An interface concept based on calm one-thing–at-a-time interaction design principles that allows teachers to mash-up learning activities and to form learning stories.
Ambire – An ambient display for sharing the ongoing work of the students in the classroom.
Scratch in the classroom – How, when and where could teachers use Scratch during the classroom learning?


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