A more fun iTEC?

Anna is hanging out alone. Get read to join the PD hangout soon!

Don’t get me wrong, so far iTEC has been fun alright, but with a few organizational changes around the corner, there is room for suggesting more enjoyable ways of communicating and participating with teachers and students, spreading the word about iTEC, and collaborating with iTEC partners to accelerate the project results towards exposing even more creative future-oriented classroom prototypes.

We brainstormed a long term prototyping process using social media tools, such as twitter chat and google hangout. The people involved in this are imagined to be Future Lab (WP2 partners), as Scenario development experts, European teachers and students (as everyday school experts), and me (Designer and participatory design session facilitator). In close collaboration with a steady base of trend and design experts, and a rotating teacher and student crowd, the outcome of these sessions are intended to be scenarios that merge into designed prototypes (at least to the level of paper prototypes).

I think, merging the scenario development with the prototype design this way could have a valuable effect on the overall results of the iTEC project, could be a great learning opportunity for Future Lab and Aalto partners, and – last but not least – be a real fun way of community building with students and teachers across Europe!

The idea for the social media based prototyping process is still under development, and we warmly invite you to comment, ask and contribute to it!

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