Focus Group session at Media Lab

Teachers are discussing the teacher feedback tool concept.

Our first cycle 4 Focus Group sessions was arranged in Helsinki last Tuesday. Two teachers from Oulu joined us to discuss and comment on three iTEC prototypes:  TeamUp, ReFlex and a  teacher feedback tool concept.

TeamUp is already a functioning prototype that has been the subject of several design iterations. Hence, the comments on the tool were small, but valuable suggestions related to interface design. For example, it was mentioned to prompt a screen with suggestions in case teachers with dated and incompatible browsers would navigate to the page.

Interesting design leads emerged when discussing ReFlex, for example, the value of audiovisual recordings, and the concept of future capsules that refers to recordings that can only be viewed after a specified time period. We further considered meaningful questions that could evoke personal reflection.

When discussing the concept of a tool for teacher feedback, it was considered that audiovisual recordings could be valuable for the orchestration of more personalize feedback and that the recordings could be meaningful for teacher-parent and student-parent discussions. Overall, privacy presented to be a larger topic of discussion in comparison to TeamUp and ReFlex.

The Focus Group session resulted in inspiring new touch-points for the further design of the tools we discussed. We would like to thank our participants from Oulu!


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