Austria Cycle 2 – PD 1

Date and Time: 21.06.2011, 15.00 – 17.00

Participants: Three teachers; Monica –science/computer assistant in a secondary school .Holger –Head teacher in 5B; Bettina –Biology teacher in 5B

BetResearcher / Designer: Hermann Morgenbesser

Setting (pictures at_outdoor studies project)

All classrooms are equipped with interactive Beamers and IT-workplaces for the use of teachers. Students use a Netbook to connect to the internet and the Intranet.

Basic information: Scenarios discussed: Outdoor Studies Project

Practising research skills

Starting point of the work in this scenario must be the classroom.

Monica (involved to the project:It is important to guide the pupils not to use only one source of knowledge. Students must be engaged in collecting and sharing documents. They have to work in Groups and design their own videos and pictures.

Teachers just help them to finalize their work and to provide help.

Students write a storyboard to follow the trac, they design a PPT after finishing the work.

Students define their goals and cut the videos. They search for Experts at the Buildings they filmed

Students have to look up the basic information, teachers just help to find the correct Information

Talking about the Scenarios:

Did the story generate any thoughts?

Monica: “Yes we would be interested two work interactive in different classes, because students work engaged in “their” project.

Is this a possible story?

Holger (Head of the class): It is possible in language teaching, creative teaching and science teaching. Maths would be hard work for the teachers…

Is there something they would like to change in it?

Bettina and Monica: the method is not clear at the beginning, something like a “lesson plan” would be necessary for techers, that are not involved. Plans should be more detailled

Could they imagine themselves in the role of the teacher?

Yes, they are used to work in “open courses”

What part would they find most difficult to manage if they were in the role of the teacher?

Organizing the media, hard and software.

How would the story continue?

Holger: Organizing workshop with experts would be necessary

In general all of three teachers are interested to continue the work in this project




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