France Cycle 2 – PD 1

CNDP/France – cycle 2


Session Date and Time: 29/06/2011

Participants: Two secondary school teachers:

–        Christophe : English language teacher since 1986, he implemented a Moodle learning platform for his students and was for 16 years the school’s ICT coordinator, experimented the use of netbooks associated with Moodle in a class for one year

–        Francis: History/Geography teacher in a European class since 3 years.

Researchers / Designers : Claude, Michael

Scenarios discussed : Mentoring teachers to improve digital literacy, Professional development in the global classroom

Scenario 2 : Mentoring teachers to improve digital literacy


First thoughts

–        There is no scale to measure teachers’ digital literacy. Teachers should possess technical skills before teaching students with ICT.

–        Students are in a different digital world (social media, chat, etc.) they don’t use e-mails or basic file formats.

–        People have to be continually exposed to technologies to be able to follow upgrades.

–        When talking about ICT, teachers mostly ask technical questions, not pedagogical ones.


Is it a possible story today ?

–        Very often, one or two colleagues in the school are interested in the use of new technologies and they “go ahead”, while other colleagues are left behind.

–        The progression should be institutionalized: teachers should learn how to use ICT, at least at a basic level, then follow constant training to improve this basic level

–        When you ask students what technologies could be used in class, they don’t have many ideas because they don’t know what’s available.

–        A main problem: to find the right resources online?

–        Teachers share online documents and comments outside the classroom

Identification with the scenario

–        Some teachers can be uncomfortable with the idea of other teachers sitting in their class

–        It might be difficult to communicate internationally

Next step of the scenario

–        The base-knowledge has improved, thanks to stocking and sharing documents online

–        But human interaction (face-to-face) is still very important

–        The communication should be more “horizontal” (among peers) than it is now

Scenario 5: Professional development in the global classroom

First thoughts

–        “How can I become a connected teacher ?”

–        When a teacher has a problem with ICT, where can he go ?

–        No mention of other colleagues in the scenario ?

–        If colleagues can’t help, I find answers to my questions by browsing forums

–        Maybe connect with other teachers, but lack of time and which forum ?

–        Ideally: to have an “officially approved” website with exercises and resources for teachers, because browsing is time-consuming

Identification with the scenario

–        Personal experimentation of Moodle

–        Technologies bring in motivation and a variety of approaches but it isn’t fully integrated in teaching yet

Next step of the scenario

–        No need of short talks anymore on Scratch

–        Training sessions: leaders need to move on

–        Set up a group who can develop online applications

–        A problem : the time people put to get used to a software, there’s already a new one on the market

–        Help the “technophobics”

Ideas for tools

–        Having online experts available

–        Database of pedagogical resources

–        Forums

–        A user-friendly flash content producer (piece of software)

–        Journal of new technologies

–        Coordination with other countries

–        Hardware : netbooks, tablets, e-PC

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