Slovakia Cycle 3 – PD 1

Session: 8.2.2012
Researcher: Viera Blahova
Teachers: Barbora, Samuel, Lubos

Scenario: Designing Math Games

  • Lubos likes this scenario. His first thought was that he would appreciate to have pedagogical materials how to introduce this topic to children, e.g. sequence of tasks from simple to more sophisticated. To design games without thoughtful approach will be useless.
  • The scenario is feasible in our context, the teacher thinks he and also other teachers in Slovakia can perform such scenario
  • Lubos is not able to define what he would like to change in the scenario, he would need to have first some piloting and experimenting and than he can suggest changes
  • The most difficult part to manage seems to him to motivate students, students would not like to do games for younger students, this motivation will be difficult in our context. Lubos does not think that this motivation will bring interest of students for the subject and for their career. Another problem is that teachers need training in programming.
  • Samuel suggests some changes to the scenario. He already developed with other teachers in London iTEC workshop scenario where kids could make virtual tour through the city, where children are designing the 3D models. They learn some mathematics and geography and history in this scenario. This could be very meaningful and attractive and it has added value. Usually students have problems to develop spacial imagination.
  • Lubos suggest to make the scenario more general, and than give 3 possible alternatives how to implement this scenario. So than the teacher can get the idea of the pattern and can imagine what is the aim of the scenario, what concepts are important and what is behind the scene.
  • Lubos really likes the idea of implementing scenario to develop 3D buildings with apps (GoogleEarth)
  • This scenario seems to be very difficult, because we need students who are able to study on their own, there are some students, but on average there are not capable to study by themselves.
  • Barbora asks what happens if only one student will study the materials? How can the teacher than teach? We cannot send the students out of the classroom, if they do not fulfill their tasks.
  • This scenario is appropriate only to good students.
  • This scenario has to be changed in such a way that it will help the teachers to find very attractive and interesting topics.
  • The students are given worksheets and have to learn by themselves also at school, but they are not reliable, they do not want to do anything. If they would get it for home, at least half of them would not look at it. Barbora has negative experience that students want to stay in peace. What do they not do at school, is lost.
  • The teachers have also negative experience with e-learning for teachers. It was not managed well. Even the highly motivated teachers have problems.
  • The biggest problem with this scenario is to have enough high quality resources.
  • Another problem is the technical problems; many students still do not have access to internet.
  • Teachers like the scenario, first thoughts were which teachers can implement such scenario, because not everybody can implement microeconomics. Samuel thinks the scenario is suitable only to older students (17-18 year old) because younger students will do not have enough background knowledge for such activities. The scenario is too rich, it has too many activities.
  • Samuel is against Facebook, he would prefer different community
  • The scenario is so full of activities, so it should be implemented the whole year round, but in that case it is not feasible. Barbora and Samuel suggest to reduce the scenario. They also think there should be a project leader in this scenario so it would be too demanding for implementation.
  • The Farmville on Facebook was attractive for students at the beginning, but to keep the interest of them for one or two months´ project is difficult.
  • From the three scenarios discussed this one was the number one.

Scenario: Homework and Schoolworkflip

Scenario: Schoolville

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