Turkey Cycle 2 – PD 1



Participatory Design workshop results of Cycle 2 below are the same for The Scenarios 7. and 8:

  • Did the story generate any thoughts?

Actually, the stories have generally been applied in our classes depending on the curriculum throughout the year. The stories generate the idea that through this kind of approaches teachers can adopt a variety of techniques into a system to fit the individual learner that actively involved in the process by using ICT tools.

You get the same feeling as when you walk into a great party. We bring a really positive message with our music and the live show. We want learners to have a great time and walk away feeling better about life. It is a great philosophy for the learning process and has proven effective as their assignments spreads like a wildfire.

  • Is this a possible story? Therefore, the stories are possible to use in the classes. It creates a challenging and motivating environment to improve themselves.
  • Is there something you would like to change in it?

No need to change because they can establish a clear context.

  • Could you imagine yourself in the role of the teacher?

While providing the instructions or creating the instructions with the students, I take the control at some extent. However, as a teacher I feel quite relaxed because most of the time I am a guide or a moderator for them and the students take the responsibilities for their own learning process. Especially, peer feedback step provide them an intense focus and an enjoyable atmosphere for them to correct each other. Hence, the learner-oriented tasks takes the role of the teacher.

  • What part would you find most difficult to manage if you were in the role of the teacher?

Peer feedback and group work encourage learners self –exploration (interacting with a mentor may develop certain questions that otherwise wouldn’t have been addressed) so there have some disadvantages at some points. If you have a crowded class, it can be difficult to mentor them.

  • How would the story continue?

The story continues for developing more social group works and visual exhibitions that may defined as an educational process emphasizing the development and social adjustment of an individual through voluntary association of a variety of ICT tools and the use of this association with as a mean of furthering socially desirable end. The more self -efficacy the students improve (learner-oriented process, problem solving, communication, interaction) , the better they learn.

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