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Teams meet with 2–4 people, who could be future users of the prototypes, and communicate their prototypes and design ideas using prints, drawings or models. These participating people are considered to have an expert understanding of the domain the student designs are framed within. Expertise may be interpreted broadly, for example, a construction site worker can be considered to offer deep insight into the everyday practices of people on a building site. The expert participants are encouraged to use pens and post-it notes to modify and comment on the prototype. After the workshop the students analyze the comments and decide how to interpret them for their re-design. They then refine their design brief, especially in relation to the design challenges, context and added value of the result, record a reflection and update their documentation. This activity can happen more than once at varying time investment. Students can collect feedback on their work by asking experts, potential future users as well as from other student teams and the teacher. Classroom time: Approximately 2-3 lesson(s) Continue reading

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