Art teacher’s comments on Ambire

During the Opettajuus ja muuttuva oppimaisema Seminar in Oulu, I had the chance to visit Normaalikoulu, a high-school adjacent to the Oulu University. There, a student kindly walked me through the school and art teacher Laura commented on our prototypes.

Laura and I discussed our three reflection tools for learning. Laura told me that she tried to set up the Apple TV Airplay to display pictures of the drawings of her students on a large screen in the classroom in much the same way as Ambire proposes. As Airplay does not afford this, Laura is eagerly looking forward to the first working prototype of Ambire, in which the content of the student’s screens is sent to a large screen for everyone to see. Laura would like to use the tool for her students to get an ambient understanding of the different artistic processes, applied techniques and crafting strategies, while continuesly working on their individual pieces. Laura noticed that it is necessary for her students to loose their apprehension about sharing unfinished work, and speaking inspiration from others without considering “taking a peek” as stealing ideas. For her, Ambire could be a way to achieve this.

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