A glimpse at the pre-pilot preparation

Early illustration of thinking hats for teachers and students

We have been working extensively with the 3rd cycle scenarios and the Participatory Design workshop summaries that the NPCs sent us. Design challenges as well as similarities and differences across all scenarios have been identified. From this, an early theme for the pre-pilot was created.

This cycle pre-pilot will focus on design based learning, that allows teachers and students to choose ‘thinking hats’ and builds on the educational, learning and interest driven expertise of teachers and students.

The concept of design based learning differentiates from Project based learning, as it leaves room for the exploration of personal interests and engagement with communities. Drawing inspiration from the IDEO “Design thinking for educators” and the design learning activities of university level design educators, we will present design learning activities that are tailored to K-12 level students. Stay tuned for the details!


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