Cycle 4 participatory design workshops

The cycle 4 scenarios are ready. We request all pre-pilot partners to organize PD workshops (at least one, just like in the 3 previous cycles) with teachers and if possible students. Choose 2-3 scenarios from these five scenarios:

Here’s what you as NPCs need to do:

  1. Select 2-3 of the five scenarios that you find most interesting.
  2. Respond to this post and tell which ones you are planning on analysing.
  3. Organize your PD workshops in the usual way. Refer to the PD workshop guidelines. Remember that PD workshops are supposed to be face-to-face meetings, not online meetings.
  4. Write your summaries and submit them as blog comments to each of the scenarios you discussed in your workshop (use the links above). We need the summaries by the 22nd of August, but absolutely by the 29th of August 2012.
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2 Responses to Cycle 4 participatory design workshops

  1. Austrian Blog: Arguments are shortened and filtered. The whole stream (in german language is saved on my computer Photos are on our LMS platform
    Hermann Morgenbesser

    Date: 31st August 17:00 to 19:20 pm, BG/BRG Weiz Styria
    Face to face Workshop
    Scenarios discussed:
    Digital Producers; Mind mapping the soil
    Christa Gharzouzi (Math, Biology teacher) School: Schopenhauerstraße 73; Vienna
    Gerda Reissner (German teacher); School: Schopenhauerstraße 73; Vienna
    Göksel Yilmaz( Physics; ICT teacher); School: Schopenhauerstraße 73; Vienna
    @ Digital Producers:
    Göksel: This scenario would be possible in my school, I could do an Audio Book using Dotlrn and bring in some videos children produce . Kids could share their videos with students from our partner schools
    Not possible: I think students will not do a feedback without being forced by teachers, and there sould be some rules how to feedbacl information, so that the evaluation of this work could be in a qualified way .
    I miss the timeline of this Scenario; in my opinion I would need about 8 to 10 weeks to work seriously, that is very much time
    Christa: The project should be structured in detail; I would use team up tool or an equivalent to organize the students in groups, so I could work parallel. I would cooperate with a biology teacher to build up a sequence for three or four lessons. It would be necessary to write a storyboard on this project, so that students could plan their work.
    Göksel: what I miss is some basic software for creating web sites and put on this movies, audios etc.. I can`t use school network because the movies will be to big. So for sharing there should be an online database where to load up the streaming audios and videos. This base should be supported by BMuKK or ITEC.
    @Mind mapping the soil:
    Christa: This project should be done three to four times a year, but it would be necessary to do it in collaboration between four or five teachers, because you would need open class sequences; students should work in groups of four and five. They would need some knowledge input in all lessons (Bio,CH,Math, ….) before, so that they can decide which method of analysing they will need. Afterwards they can to some midnmapping.
    Gerda: Popplet is nice, but I think students would need some information about soil, so that they are able to structure their work. Inquiry based learning needs input and working methods.
    The practice could be done by elder students, so this would be a win – win situation for both groups. What about the mind mapping of the mind maps, What happens to the mind maps after the evaluation and the sharing?
    Göksel: I would prefer a database that is stuctured, mind maps can be useful, but ist is hard to learn with them for an assessment test or a review. So students should know how to stay on the track.
    Gerda: Videos could be challenged in a National or European context to get out the differences.

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  2. Anna says:

    Thanks you for your comment. We included it to our analysis.

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